Wednesday, August 17, 2011

whoo hoo oo.. er

Two hours of clipping later, and I'm covered in millions of little bits of fur, and Siena has a bad haircut. Really, really bad. Clipping = still not the most fun you can have with a goat. Siena would also like to lodge a formal objection to the concept of "bath time".

Why do I feel more guilty hosing down a goat than a dog? The dogs act more miserable. Goat just seems so confused, though. :-(

Our second show ever coming up Saturday! Siena's breeder is one of the judges. Hopefully she will approve of the condition of her goat. Hopefully all the judges will take pity on my obvious cluelessness and not laugh me out of the ring.

Appraisal is more or less set for late Sept. - just have to fork out kind of a lot of cash. Really want a thorough evaluation of my goat, though. And I was talked into another show early in the month. I think I won't clip her for that one. :-P

I wonder if blogger has some kind of calendar function? That would be handy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

silly kid

Benson is lying down on the deck with his head in a feed bucket. Not entirely certain if he's sleeping or eating. Camera, where are you?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

This blog will be just for goats.

Will look more professional when I want to share goat stuff with goat people if they don't have to wade through unrelated stuff, right?

Here is a goat - one of my goats, in fact:

Her name is Siena. She is a LaMancha dairy goat. She has a companion, a LaMancha wether, named Benson. They are ridiculous fun. Yes, they do have ears. No, I didn't crop them - they are born with tiny ears. They look weird at first, but you get used to them, then they're cute. <3

I've shown Siena once - she got first in her class, by virtue of being the only goat in it. I'll show her more, and I'll milk her twice a day until she dries up in spite of milking, or fall 2012, whichever comes first.

Benson went to the show with her, and made an impression by virtue of being the noisiest animal there (and I'm including Nubians), and probably the only wether. They don't give out prizes for that, unfortunately. His manners are improving with age. Pretty soon he will start learning to do a job. Packing first, then hopefully driving, cause I think he'd be the most adorable little cart goat ever. :-D